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The teaching trio is designed to teach you how to get beyond yourself as a musician, and how to play as a collective group. 

  Classical Teaching Trio                Rockin' Teaching Trio

Learn the fundamentals of playing                     Playing in a rock band is a lot different

harmoniously in an orchestra.                            than playing in an orchestra.  For starters

                                                                    the music is constructed in a totally different

This group has a focus on classical                    pattern, and the instruments are different as well.

music structure and abilities.  You                   

will learn how to apply active listening               This group focuses on modern music's structure, 

skills to your playing to become a                      techniques and how to play in a way that

better musician.                                             compliments what everyone in the band is doing,

                                                                    and not out-shine or overpower everyone else's



$150 for 8 weeks, 1 1/2 hour sessions                $150 for 8 weeks,  1 1/2 hour sessions

A minimum of 2 student's are needed for each group.   You can either find 1-2 friends to join you in the trio or we will match you up with other student's from your area.  There may be a wait if we choose the students to participate, as there may not be enough interest in your area at the time.