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Group or individual classes are available for homeschools.  Elyse is a strong supporter of homeschooling, and plans on homeschooling her own son, Noah when he is grade school age. 

Some options for homeschoolers are:

Music Theory - This is recommended for all musicians, as an  

                          integral part of playing music is also understanding

                          how it is structured.  Classes are weekly                                        

                              Price: $15 per student per hour.  Discounts for 3 or more students.

Group Lessons - For families that are interested in several of their

                            children learning to play violin, viola, and/or piano,

                           group lessons are way to go.  Some time would be 

                           spent individually with each child, then a group

                           lesson for all the children.  This type of lesson is

                           by the hour, not by the quantity of students. Group

                           lessons are weekly. 

                               Hourly rate: $45 for first hour and $35 each hour after

                                                 (in one sitting/per group lesson)

                               *This is a great savings if you have 3 or more children taking lessons


                               **It should also be noted that the children taking lessons do not have to be

                               from the same family.  If you would like to work with your local co-op to

                               coordinate other students to join your children at your home for this style of                                lessons, that is welcomed and encouraged.  They should be held at one

                               location, though.